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We are a non-profit coporation and our main emphasis is grooming Snowmobile Trails. Our meetings during the months of(Sept.-May) are the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Sno-Devils Community Building in Elcho, WI.  Special meetings which are listed under activities and during the summer months(June-August) we don't have regular meetings. 

It was a very challenging year, our groomer drivers
 and mechanics kept everything going smooth!

2021 Cash Raffle Winners

1st #51 Robin Stolarik $2000

2nd #94 Pam Jorgenson $1000

3rd #127 Fred & Laurie Schauer $500

4th #130 Yogi Antowiewicz $500

5th #14 Kools Klub Leondra Kools $500

6th #56 JJ Fay $500

7th #57 Beth Reinenam & Lynn Palubicki $500

8th #78 Pam Kaul Bill Dettman Tammy Monday Les Mohr $500

9th #108 Amy & Rob Donovan $250

10th #112 Jamie Robrecht & Berta Krause $250

11th #135 Barbara Krueger $250

12th #131 Carol Lawlis $250

13th #66 Pam Jansen $250

14th #42 Jeremy Fisher $250

15th #144 Alicia Erdman $250

16th #140 Scott Krueger $250

17th #103 Bart Breber $250

18th #145 Joe Kirsch $250


 Our new tractor has arrived and it really looks Great!  Pretty sure the snow will start now,  with our 2 Tuckers and this new tractor we're ready for a Great Season.
Cash Raffle tickets will be available soon,  please support our fundraisers to help pay for our equipment that creates awesome trails!!

New Tractor1

New Tractor2

New Tractor3

Please take the survey for Langlade County Outdoor Recreation

Click HERE to see more pictures of our grooming equipment.

 We are a 100% AWSC club, please visit their web site HERE to see what they do for us!

For info on the new Wisconsin Trail Pass click HERE .   This new program will put some much needed funds into our state snowmobile program fund and should attract some new members also. 

Last update 5/4/2021

Sno-Devils Snowmobile Club Inc.
P.O. Box 116

Summit Lake, WI.  54485
www.snodevils.org    snodevilsclub@gmail.com
Our trails have been great!   Please donate to help keep them great!
To pay for your membership, please add $1.00 for the transaction fee and provide all the necessary information. 
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