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We are a non-profit coporation and our main emphasis is grooming Snowmobile Trails. Our meetings during the months of(Sept.-May) are the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Sno-Devils Community Building in Elcho, WI.  Special meetings which are listed under activities and during the summer months(June-August) we don't have regular meetings.  Please see our trail conditions page for changing trail conditions.

Monday May 13th at 7 p.m. is our last meeting for the season at the Sno-Devils building in Elcho.  The first meeting next fall will be September 9th 2019 at 7 p.m.


A BIG THANKS to ALL our groomer operators, the trails this year were in excellent condition. 

Thanks to the following members for recent help with brushing and packing the swamps:  Dave Konen, Colin Timmig, Tony Stenz, Dennis Stenz, Dylan Grube, Kelly Stenz, Evan Stenz, Eric Bowman, Brian Paramski, Kevin Ashby, Mike Ramuta, and Pete Pukal.

Membership renewals are to be received BEFORE October 31st.   We process them in batches as as large as possible due to transaction fees.   Please start sending in memberships renewals the month of September, renewals received after October 31st require a $3.00 late fee.  Please watch for announcements that our dues will be going up.

Your AWSC number/membership number doesn't change from year to year.   We won't be mailing membership cards separately due to postage costs,  they will be mailed with the next newsletter.  You can pay for your membership via the donation button on this web page,  please put all your membership info in the notes section of the donation and Please add $1.00 for transaction fees.


We received many accolades on how well groomed our trails

are, this is because of our volunteers and having good equipment. 

 We are in the process of purchasing a new

Tucker Sno Cat,  please donate generously, and participate

in our fundraisers to keep your trails groomed.

Our 2019 Tucker is here!


2019 Tucker

Click HERE to see some pictures of our grooming equipment.

We had a great Landowners Dinner this year at Bass Lake Country Club with excellent food and great attendance.  We want to thank the many local businesses that donated door prizes for our Landowners.  
Fischer's Sunset View(Post Lake), Roadside Pub, Tattle Tales, Antigo Sportswear, Shoeders, Antigo Yamaha, Builders Service, Z's Fork Horners, Thirsty Bear, Christians Campground, Boondocks, Held's, Town & Country, Sammy's, Musky Mart, Fisher's Bar(Parrish), Weber's Post Lake Inn, Summit Lake Gas n Go, Gerrits' Lakeview, Enterprise Storage, Sno-Devils,  Ron & Kathy Raith, Koni K's Pub, Mena's Restaurant, North Trail Store, Boiling Springs, Twin Oaks, Wolffs River Inn, Bass Lake Country Club, Wagner Oil Company,  Gleason Bowling Center, Ruby May's, Billy Timbers, Our Place Bar, Trail Inn, and  Elcho Service Center, 

Our 2018 Open House was a great success, with over 30 people attending for good food, new clothing ideas, and snow talk.  The 2019 Open House is scheduled for February 2nd,
from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.   Refreshments and food will be available.

One of our Club Members has a house on Bass Lake for rent, you can view the details here

Our next meeting is Monday, March 11th at 7:00 p.m. at the Sno-Devils building at N11301 Riordan St. Elcho, WI.  54428. That address doesn't come up properly on google maps, so if you paste this into your gps  45.438522, -89.179488  you will be very close.  Attend a meeting and get to know some of your fellow club members!   All of our meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month.

 We are a 100% AWSC club, please visit their web site HERE to see what they do for us!

For info on the new Wisconsin Trail Pass click HERE .   This new program will put some much needed funds into our state snowmobile program fund and should attract some new members also. 

Last update 5/12/2019

Sno-Devils Snowmobile Club Inc.
P.O. Box 116

Summit Lake, WI.  54485
www.snodevils.org    snodevilsclub@gmail.com
Our trails have been great!   Please donate to help us buy a new Tucker! And keep our 2 other Tuckers running OR buy our volunteer drivers dinner. Or pay for a membership, please provide all the necessary information.
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