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We are a non-profit coporation and our main emphasis is grooming Snowmobile Trails. Our meetings during the months of(Sept.-May) are the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Sno-Devils Community Building in Elcho, WI.  Special meetings which are listed under activities and during the summer months(June-August) we don't have regular meetings. 



      Grand Prize  $2000           #81    Debra Dhein                                Green Bay


2nd Prize       $1000           #124   Tim & Jon Harder                        Antigo

                                                   Tim Robrect                                Antigo


    3rd Prize        $500             #106 Mark Zingler                                 Summit Lake

                                                  Aaron Neal                                  Oak Creek


4th Prize        $500             #14 Mike Habersetzer                           Hartford


       5th Prize        $500             #85 Richard Ciesielski Jr.                       Union Grove


6th Prize        $500             #57 Pam Jansen                                   Elcho

                                        Steve Grota                                          Elcho


7th Prize        $500             #51 Jodi Asbach                                    Elcho

                                        John Stensland                                     Elcho


8th Prize        $500             #23 Josh Robrecht                                Antigo

                                        Dave Novy                                            Antigo


  9th Prize        $250             #61 Zoe Brietenfeldt                              Minocqua


 10th Prize      $250             #19 Jeff Infalt                                        Hartford


       11th Prize      $250             #73 Jeff Nielsen                                    Fond du Lac


12th Prize      $250             #22 Jamie Robrect                                Antigo

                                        Berta Krause                                         Antigo


         13th Prize      $250             #30 Eddie Miller                                    Pelican Lake

                                                   Beth Reineimann                                 Pelican Lake


     14th Prize      $250            #112 Matt Rindahl                                 Deerbrook


15th Prize      $250             #80 David Jorgenson                             Antigo


     16th Prize      $250             #116 Renee Jepson                              West Bend


  17th Prize      $250             #91 Wayne Morgan                               Oshkosh


     18th Prize      $250             #105 Robert Antoniewicz                       Deerbrook



We had an excellent crowd at Held's for our Cash Raffle Drawing. Thank You to everyone who sold tickets and purchased tickets.  Also thanks to everyone who attended our raffle party.


Our Annual Open House was Saturday, February 19th we had a great crowd this year, over 125 visitors!    We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Click HERE to see more pictures of our grooming equipment.

 We are a 100% AWSC club, please visit their web site HERE to see what they do for us!

For info on the new Wisconsin Trail Pass click HERE .   This new program will put some much needed funds into our state snowmobile program fund and should attract some new members also. 

Last update: 06/22/2022

Sno-Devils Snowmobile Club Inc.
P.O. Box 116

Summit Lake, WI.  54485
www.snodevils.org    snodevilsclub@gmail.com
Our trails have been great!   Please donate to help keep them great!
To pay for your membership, please add $1.00 for the transaction fee and provide all the necessary information.