Sno-Devils Snowmobile Club Inc.
P.O. Box 116
Summit Lake, WI.  54485


All trails trails are groomed now and the trail from Jack Lake #66 to Hwy45 & Knight Rd is groomed and open.  Please ride safely!  Please say THANKS  to all our volunteer groomer drivers.


Please wait until the trails are groomed,  some are drifted and snowmobilers are getting stuck!


Caution! The trail from Intersection #66 in Jack Lake Park to Hwy 45 Intersection #44 is closed due to water over the trail.  The trail is posted as Closed.   Also there is logging on our western trail along Hwy Q.



A BIG THANKS to ALL our guys the trails in excellent condition.  Our trails are in excellent conditon,  please use caution as there are some low branches from the recent ice and snow.  Groomers will be out again once this snow is all in place.



Trails in good condition, cold weather has made swamps freeze up good.  Drive safe, remember there is a 55mph speed limit at night.



Most of our Sno-Devils trails are in good condition, with the exception of swamps and a few bad spots. One bad spot is on the Neva fire lane south of jack lake.  Please drive carefully, there is a long straight stretch and then a washout with running water.   There are caution signs posted. 



Langlade County trails ZONE A of the State funded snowmobile trail system in Langlade County will OPEN at 5:00 p.m. Friday, January 11, 2019 with restrictions. Corridor 9 South of Hwy 64 at Polar will remain closed at this time due to inadequate snow cover. Additionally, the trail between intersections 54C and 53A will be closed due to frequent truck traffic from logging operations. A link to the map is located at



Langlade County & Sno-Devils Trails are closed!   We continue to do some packing and extended brushing as we await more snow.  Please check back for updates. 




Due to deteriorating trail conditions all of the Langlade County State funded trail system is closed.